Pajama Chic's First Rambling of the Year

So, here goes my first blog. Don't mind me if I start to blabber. You can choose to read on...or simply stop. I can't guarantee that you will learn something from me. I don't know what I can offer to people here. But what the heck, it's just good to talk nonstop. tee hee!

I am just another chic among a sea of bloggers. Tired of being a couch potato, I decided to bring my ramblings online. (still writing from the couch, though) I'm not claiming to be an internet whiz nor am I tech savvy, so pardon me if you see something out of place every now and then. ;-)

The Other Side of The Story (Marian Keyes). I was in Paris and scouring bookstores (I'm not fluent in French, mind you...I'm even below beginner level!). One time, I was in an old bookshop...and voila, I found her book in the corner. I just went plain crazy(er) after reading this. Nice nice nice! And by the way, I just did my own version of sign language when I purchased the book. ;-)

This is the first Marian Keyes book that I read. If you want to laugh your heart out, this is a great find.

The 33 Strategies of War (Robert Greene). I like to think of myself as a great strategist. In my dreams! Seriously, I just learned a lot from this book. Even an ordinary chic like me need to have every possible strategy handy.

*** Fancy 2010 Purchases ***

Have to break my piggy bank just for the sheer pleasure of indulging myself. *shrug*

Apple iPod touch 4th gen. Now this, I consider my new bestfriend. I can't go anywhere without it. Thanks to the aNote application, I don't have to carry around an organizer all the time. I'm the type who makes it a point to jot down ideas every now and then, which makes my iPod touch priceless. Oh well, I'm also addicted to the games. heheh! :-)

As a bonus, the 4th gen iPod touch is ultra slim which makes it really elegant and chic!

HP Pavilion laptop. I am an online freelance writer. This will help bring me millions. heheh! This is especially helpful if you just can't stay put. For a restless soul like me who's always up and about, I consider my laptop as purely heaven-sent.

I wonder what 2011 has in store for me. New career, new friends, new gadgets. Who knows? I'm just so excited for 2011. Gotta keep your hopes up, baby!

Alright guys, dear 'ol me won't end this without a wonderful parting quote. ;-)

"Burn the candles and use the nice sheets. Don't save it for a special occasion. Today is special enough."


  1. such a great post jas.. :) keep them coming!

  2. @GumBall: tenchu tenchu! jas who? hihih! kidding!

  3. thanks for following me....I returned the favour!...hope you appreciate..
    Have an amzing 2011.

  4. I really like your blog and have enjoyed reading it so far. Will come back and check out more over time. :)