About The Pajama Chic

> love to rant about anything under the sun
> am always trying new things
> i can be serious...sometimes...
> love my family so much
> have sisters who can drive you to your wits' end...
> but i love them more than anything in this world...and i...
> am willing to hunt someone to the world's end if someone hurts them.
> believe that you need to smile and laugh more often. it will preserve your
youthfulness and keep the wrinkles away.
> always work on improving myself.
> can be irresponsible at times.
> made a lot of mistakes in life, but
> never regret anything i did.
> don't know how to read a map. (hehe!)
> love pink!
> love dogs.
> have always wanted to learn kung fu!
> am very forgetful and
> am known to misplace things every now and then.
> would put things in a place where i'm sure i won't forget but
> would end up forgetting where the "unforgettable" spot is.
> love beaches but don't know how to swim!
> am clumsy.
> am a shopaholic.
> don't make sense sometimes and
> have friends who are also the same but
> i love them just the same.
> had my heart broken big time but
> i learned to love again.
> have to stop here because
> am hungry. hehheh!

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